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Union Comedy Performer Survey

Hey pals, us again.

As we continue to move toward opening the doors at 434 McGrath we've been crystallizing our plan for programming and course offerings. We don't have details ready to share just yet, but you can help us put some of the final pieces in place by filling out this survey:

We'll be using to solidify some of our decisions and figure out who might be interested in doing what at Union Comedy Theatre. It's a few simple fill-in-the-blanks and 3 multiple choice. 10 Extra Credit if you do it in the next 3 minutes. When you're done, please share it with performers you know who may not be on our email list. We're trying to get as clear a picture of interest as possible and we don't want to miss anyone who might want to get involved in any capacity.

Thank You,

The Union Comedy Team


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