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Reserve Rehearsal Time

Use the calendar below to reserve one of our spaces for rehearsal time.

Rate: $20/hr
Pay with Venmo (@unioncomedy)
Lockbox Access

We have two locations:
Union Comedy Theater*
593 Somerville Ave, Somerville

Coolidge Corner Room
251 Harvard Street, Room 7, Brookline

*Due to high demand the Union Comedy Theater is generally unavailable for rentals outside of weekday mornings and afternoons. The Coolidge Corner Room has much more availability. The calendar below includes the availability of both spaces, and you can select one or the other in the top right corner.

Please allow at least 30 minutes between events.
For questions, cancellations, or anything else email info@unioncomedy.com

Rental must be for a private rehearsal or practice - no ticketed events, paid workshops, etc.
Union Comedy reserves the right to deny or change a reservation for any reason.
Any warming up, rehearsing, bits, or generally boisterous loitering in front of the building is ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED.
Please respect our neighbors and go across the street to the park or to a nearby bar.

Rentals FAQ

How do rentals work?

Use the calendar above to reserve space during an available window. Then Venmo us @unioncomedy the rental rate on the reservation ($20/hr). We'll send you your access code within 24 hours of your reservation.

What equipment is available?

In Somerville we have:

- Stage lighting

- Bluetooth speakers with two mics

- 40 chairs

The Coolidge Corner room is a simple office space with about 25 chairs.

How far in advance can I reserve the space?

Our system will automatically limit you to 30 days in advance.