About union comedy

As part of the new site at 434 McGrath Highway in Somerville MA, Union Comedy is building a 72-seat comedy theater with live programming and a comedy school focused on longform improv.

Our five founders (Andrew Barlow, Ben Gibb, Ben Scurria, Pat Kearnan and Sara Teague) are leaders in the Boston improv community with a combined 30+ years of producing, directing,

and performing experience.


Ben Gibb - Founder & Co-Owner - bgibb@unioncomedy.com

Sara Teague - Founder & Co-Owner - steague@unioncomedy.com

Andrew Barlow - Founder - abarlow@unioncomedy.com
Ben Scurria - Founder - bscurria@unioncomedy.com
Pat Kearnan - Founder - pkearnan@unioncomedy.com