- Hilary, Somerville, MA


And here are some nice things our students have said about our classes:


I really enjoyed this class. The atmosphere was very welcoming. I think this class serves well for the beginner who is looking to truly learn and be challenged.

This was the best way to break into improv I could have imagined.

- Rachel, Allston, MA


Thursdays at 7PM

Starting 8/12

Mess + Finesse, Somerville


Foundation of The Scene

with sara teague

Union Comedy's entry-level course introduces students to the skills and techniques that are most essential to a successful longform improv scene. Students will learn the value of making decisive and active choices, embracing and utilizing the choices of their scene partners, and working together to create something fun, funny, and unique out of practically nothing. No prior experience necessary.

Comedy School FAQ

I have done improv before, can I start at Level 2?

We recommend performers with 3 years or less of longform improv experience begin with our Level 1 course. Please email Pat (pkearnan@unioncomedy.com) with any questions or concerns.

Do you offer scholarships/internships for classes? 

We don't currently have any official scholarship or internship programs, but if financial hardship is preventing you from taking a course email Pat (pkearnan@unioncomedy.com) and we'll find a way to get you enrolled.

What type of content should I expect to encounter in classes?

Due to the nature of improv it is impossible to pre-screen content, but we do our best to foster a respectful and socially conscious classroom environment where all of our students can feel free to express themselves authentically. We ask our students to be considerate of their peers' physical and emotional boundaries both onstage and off, and to be patient with themselves and others throughout the learning process.

Union Comedy does not tolerate offensive content done in an effort to harass a particular individual or to express the performer’s hatred and/or intolerance to a protected individual or group, that being gender, race, age, religion, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression.