- Hilary, Somerville, MA


And here are some nice things our students have said about our classes:

I really enjoyed this class. The atmosphere was very welcoming. I think this class serves well for the beginner who is looking to truly learn and be challenged.

This was the best way to break into improv I could have imagined.

- Rachel, Allston, MA


Foundation of The Scene

with sara teague

Thursdays at 6:30PM

Starting 3/19

Mess + Finesse,


Union Comedy's entry-level course introduces students to the skills and techniques that are most essential to a successful longform improv scene. Students will learn the value of making decisive and active choices, embracing and utilizing the choices of their scene partners, and working together to create something fun, funny, and unique out of practically nothing. No prior experience necessary.


Scene development

with ben scurria

Saturdays at 11AM

Starting 3/21

Mess + Finesse,


The second course in our core curriculum takes a more focused look at 2-person scenes with an emphasis on character. Students will learn how to make instinctive choices, unpack information, and define their character's worldview. This is supported by exploring comedic ideas through tags and expanding patterns to create satisfying scenic montages.

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