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Classes In Brookline and somerville

Interested in comedy? Improv classes are an excellent way to do any or all of the following:

  • Strengthen your performance skills and hone your comedic voice

  • Improve your creativity, confidence, communication, adaptability, decisiveness, and perceptiveness

  • Meet new friends and collaborators

  • Start your professional journey

  • Have a ton of fun!

We offer a variety of different types of classes and workshops for both beginner and advanced students. If you're curious about where you might fit in or how our

leveling system works, check out our Curriculum Overview.


Here's what previous students have said about our Level 1 class...


I really enjoyed this class. The atmosphere was very welcoming. I think this class serves well for the beginner who is looking to truly learn and be challenged.

- Hilary, Somerville, MA


This was the best way to break into improv I could have imagined.

- Rachel, Allston, MA

Beginner Courses

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Beginner Workshops

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Advanced Courses

Level 3 RA623.png

Advanced Workshops

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Level 4 BS623.png
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Comedy School FAQ

What are improv classes like?

For the most part, our classes consist of 10-14 students under the guidance of a single instructor for 2-2.5 hours per week. Full courses are 8 consecutive weeks with at least one additional live class performance. Workshops are usually one day only with no live performance included (except for Crash Courses).

Our Core Curriculum consists of Levels 1-4 (32 weeks total). It is designed for students to enter Level 1 with no prior performance experience, but we've found that students with previous training still find the entry level course to be helpful and enjoyable. In addition, we have occasional advanced courses in show structures and other performance skills. Check out our Curriculum Overview for more information.


As a student, you should expect to engage in a variety of creative (often silly) games, performance exercises, and improvised scenes both through active participation and observation. You should also be prepared for and open to receiving guidance and feedback from your instructor regarding ways to improve your performance.

Our courses are designed to be cumulative, meaning each week builds on the previous, so consistent attendance is imperative. Students with multiple absences may be required to retake the course before moving on to the next level.


Do I need to prepare/bring anything to class?

Please wear clothing you are comfortable moving around in (especially footwear), since some scenes may require physical movement such as miming various activities, sitting on the floor, jumping around, etc. You may also want to bring a notebook and pen to take notes.

In addition, please try to bring an eagerness to participate, an open mind, and a willingness to get kinda goofy.

What type of content should I expect to encounter in classes?

Due to the unscripted nature of improv it is impossible to pre-screen content, but we do our best to foster a respectful and socially conscious classroom environment where all of our students can feel free to express themselves authentically. We ask our students to be considerate of their peers' physical and emotional boundaries both onstage and off, and to be patient with themselves and others throughout the learning process.

Union Comedy does not tolerate offensive content done in an effort to harass a particular individual or to express the performer’s hatred and/or intolerance to a protected individual or group, that being gender, race, age, religion, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression.

I have done improv before, can I start at Level 2?

We recommend performers with less than a year of longform improv experience begin with our Level 1 course. Please email Pat ( with any questions or concerns.

Do you offer scholarships/internships for classes? 

We don't currently have any official programs, but if financial hardship is preventing you from taking a class, fill out THIS FORM and we'll find a way to get you enrolled.

Do you offer custom workshops, classes, or rehearsals for groups or companies?

Yes! We're happy to put together workshops and events for companies, teams, etc. Email Pat Kearnan ( for inquiries.

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