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Get Onstage: Union Comedy Jams

As we continue to work toward getting our doors open we've been solidifying our programming and we're ready to share a bit of it with you. Grab your Grumpy Cat calendar and look for something called "Sunday" because at 5pm each week we're having a jam and you're invited.

Jams are an easy and low-pressure way to get some stage time, try something new, or perform with people you don't regularly perform with. Here's what we expect our monthly jam schedule to look like. Again, these are all at 5pm:

1st Sunday: Base Camp

Produced by Union Comedy. In alignment with the priorities of our comedy school, Base Camp will consist entirely of 2-person scenes with varying points of emphasis focusing on the fundamentals of longform scenework. This jam is geared toward students interested in a more controlled live practice environment and veteran performers interested in brushing up on the basics.

2nd Sunday: Sunday Sketch Club

Produced by Mess + Finesse. A sketch jam with the goal of getting sketch writers and performers in the habit of creating and showcasing new material without being overly precious about ideas. In advance of each jam we'll announce some sort of prompt or guideline such as a video to use as inspiration, a required object or line of dialogue, or an event that must occur at some point in the sketch. Sketch submissions are open to anyone - individuals, groups of friends, established sketch teams, and anything in between.

3rd Sunday: THE SLOP

Produced by Union Comedy. THE SLOP is the place to embrace your weirdness and have fun with your fellow performers. Participants will get randomly placed in montage groups and given free reign of the stage for their allotted time. Then hang out at the bar until the 7PM show.

4th Sunday: OnPoint Indie Team Jam

Produced by OnPoint Improv. OnPoint brings an iteration of their Indie Team Jam to the Union Comedy stage. Hosted by OnPoint and their featured Team of the Month, the jam opens the floor to an indie team lottery, offered to all independent improv performance groups seeking additional exposure, experience and stage time. Throughout the night, OnPoint will also be raising money for a local charity.

5th Sunday: TBD/Submissions

5th Sundays provide us with the opportunity to do something irregular and unique, which is where you come in. Jams that fall on these dates will be scheduled and produced via submission. We're open to anything - musical, themed, specialty, etc. We'll put out a call for proposals once our opening date becomes more clear.

Though they will have different producers, all of our jams will maintain a consistent welcoming and respectful learning environment. Our goal for all of them is to create a fun and encouraging atmosphere where performers of all experience levels and backgrounds can take creative risks and practice live performance. To that end, we expect all jam participants to be respectful of others’ physical and emotional boundaries and practice patience with themselves and others without exception.


Jam FAQs:

Q: Is there an experience requirement to participate in the jam?

A: Nah. Whoever wants to get involved is welcome.

Q: Do I have to pay to participate in the jam?

A: No!

Q: Can I go just to watch for free?

A: Yes!


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