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We're Having Auditions

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Auditions for new longform improv house teams will take place Feb 26-27 with callbacks Feb 28.

Union Comedy is casting for new longform improv house teams for weekly and biweekly performances on Friday and Saturday nights starting in April.

What will auditions be like?

  • We will be utilizing a casting board consisting of a variety of veteran teachers, directors, and performers. This board will cast the teams collectively.

  • We will be utilizing a standardized audition scoring system intended to prioritize specific improv skills and limit auditor subjectivity and bias.

  • Individuals who audition will join a group of up to 8 people for 30 minutes to run a series of scenes.

  • You may audition as a prearranged group if you'd like to audition with your indie team or your friends. Group auditionees may do a series of scenes or a form of their choice. If you're auditioning as a group you may take all 8 spots for that block, even if your group is fewer than 8, unless you don't mind if additional individuals join your audition. Please do not reserve an entire audition block unless your group consists of 6+ members. Groups larger than 8 may also reserve an entire block, just be sure to email us to confirm we have everyone's information.

  • You will only audition once and may be cast as an individual even if you audition with a prearranged group.

  • We may ask you to return for a callback Monday Feb 28. But a callback doesn't necessarily indicate you will or won't be cast.

How many teams are you casting?

  • We're currently aiming for 6-8 teams, although this may change depending on auditions.

  • We may choose to cast whole audition groups as is if you audition as an existing indie team or prearranged group, although we may also cast individuals from these groups.

What are the expectations if I get cast?

  • Weekly or biweekly paid performances of 25 minutes. Teams will be able to do a show of their choice and will get a percentage of ticket sales.

  • Weekly rehearsals with an approved director. Teams may request a specific director of their choice or be assigned one if necessary. Union Comedy will provide rehearsal space.

  • Consistent high quality performances. These will be prime time shows with prime time show ticket prices. Teams should be able to able to provide an entertaining and worthwhile comedy experience for audiences, generate returning patrons, and ultimately sell out shows on a regular basis. If, over time, a team proves to be unable to meet these expectations, Union Comedy may choose to make roster changes or disband the team entirely.

How can I optimize my chances of being cast?

  • Come perform at the theater. We have open jams for individuals Saturdays at 6 and Sundays at 5. If you have a team you can email Pat at to book a spot at Indie Night.

  • Take a class or workshop. We are looking for top tier longform talent. If you are unfamiliar or inexperienced with longform you will want to get more comfortable with the concepts, language, and techniques. You should be able to do 2-person and group scenes that last several minutes and know how to work with basic edits like sweeps and tags.

  • We do not recommend that your audition is your first time at the theater. Even coming to a show to get a better idea of what they look like will help you understand what you’re signing up for. If you come by, say hi and let us know you’re auditioning. We like to know everyone who wants to be involved.

I can't make this round - when will auditions happen again?

  • Auditions will take place once a year, although we may hold additional auditions on an as-needed basis.

Questions? Email us at


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