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Our House Teams

Perform every friday and Saturday

Check out the full schedule on our SHOWS page.

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Chloe Ainley

Rachel Andelman

Kevin Ang

Marc Campasano

Leah Gose

Mike Laderman

Nacho Sanguinetti


Marisa Borreggine
Dan Cadarette
Dan Dropkin-Frank
Matt Hacker
Daniel Karambelas
Jess Schmidt
Anthony Zonfrelli

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Danielle Andruskiwec

Liz Jukovsky

John Lemelman

Michelle McNulty

Ben Scurria

Ari Stern

David Thomas

Joe Zoeller

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Nate Davis
Caroline McCallum
Devin Quinlan
Rhett Sosebee
Erin Sheehy
Stacey Snyder

Matt Wood


Elly Berke

Dan Chapman

Valete Graham

Nate Lopez

Britt Mitchell

Eric Ray

Lauren Powers
Kevin Turner


Dan Burke

Ben Gibb

Kate Hopkins

Pat Kearnan
Matt McMahan

Matt Pina

Sara Teague
Ashley Voltz


Max Charbonneau
Sophie Hadingham
Caitlin Kling

Sean McShane

Romey Sklar

Rosemary West

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House Teams FAQ

How do I join a team?

We cast all our teams via audition, which we hold once a year. Be sure to join our email list to stay in the loop.

Can my indie team be a Union Comedy team?

Yes! Indie teams are allowed to audition to be cast as-is. In the meantime if your indie team is looking to perform at Union Comedy, you can email Pat ( to book a slot on Indie Night.

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