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Our COVID-19 Policy

Hi all, as we prepare to open next month we wanted to clarify our COVID policy. Until further notice...

  1. Proof of vaccination will be required to attend all Union Comedy events.

  2. Masking will be required for everyone in attendance except for those on stage.

This policy covers everything - shows, classes, workshops, jams, etc. A photo of your vaccination card is acceptable. While we would like to believe we are through with the pandemic, the Delta variant has proven to be extra contagious, and we are hoping that being cautious in the short term means we'll be able to operate without restrictions sooner than later.

Though this may seem like a step backward in terms of COVID recovery, we are hopeful these are temporary overkill measures and they don't necessarily indicate that we are expecting things to get worse or more restrictive. According to COVID Act Now, 73.4% of Middlesex County has at least one vaccine dose - 13.5% higher than the national average - and this number will continue to climb on a daily basis. While technically the CDC has classified Middlesex County as a high risk area, this only applies to the unvaccinated. Per the New York Times (paywall warning) 98.9% of COVID hospitalizations in MA are those who are unvaccinated, and if you do get COVID you are 39x more likely to be hospitalized if you aren't vaccinated than if you are.

The only way to get rid of COVID restrictions for good is to get vaccinated.

We would love nothing more than to let everyone come to our space freely, but we are still battling a global health crisis and we want to make sure we do our part to finish snuffing it out. Contact with any questions or concerns.


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